Medical Mayhem Recovery Fundraiser

Over the last year our family has been impacted by a high level of medical emergencies including, but not limited to:

  • multiple concussions (me and my son Joseph) requiring many tests and brain scans
  • surgery to seek out swallowed Legos (our Colin)
  • multiple root canals (me)
  • sedation dentistry (Colin and Joseph)
  • emergency room visit for croup (Joseph)
  • multiple EEGs, ER visits, paramedic visits, heart ultrasounds, blood tests, and even last week, heart surgery for our daughter, Rebekah.

As a family, we have worked diligently over the last year and a half to minimize our living expenses with the goal of living more self-reliant. However, the shear mountain of medical tests we’ve experienced in the last year as made this impossible. As such, we are asking friends, family members, acquaintances, and the kindness of strangers to help us raise the funds to reduce this medical debt, allowing us to get back on our feet.

If you are willing and able to donate, or even willing to spread the word about our fundraiser, we would be forever grateful. To check out our GoFundMe Campaign: Medical Mayhem Recovery Fundraiser. Thank you for your prayers, positive thoughts and your support during this difficult time.

Rebekah – Pre-Heart Surgery – April 2019