“Twist of Fate” Short Story Available October 1st

Twist of Fate Antiques shop owner, Harold, never planned on getting married. Now, he can’t imagine life without his wife Maeve, or her family, especially her autistic grandson Alex. He would do anything for them, including transforming the relatives of the dead into mythical creatures to be sold on the dark web.

When they receive an eviction notice for his shop and home, Harold relies on one last black-market sale to get the landlord off his back. But using cursed objects with transformation magic can produce finicky results, especially when based off an individual’s personality. When Ashley, an at-home graphics designer from Chicago arrives with her grandmother’s 18th century French opera glasses, Harold has to choose how far he is willing to go to save his family, and at what cost?

Coming out October 1.

Stories by Dave ButlerMark LeslieJoy JohnsonMartin L. ShoemakerGama MartinezMike Jack SLauryn ChristopherShannon FoxKaren PellettJessica Springer GuernseyJennifer BairSteve RuskinTanya HalesFrank MorinLauren LangJo Ann Schneider StringerKelly Lynn ColbyHeidi Andrus WildeAdric MayallChris AbelaMartin E GreeningJohn David Payne

Edited by Angela Eschler

Cover art by Novae Caelum

And audiobook narrated by Shaun Smith and Hillary Andrus Straga

All profits from the sale of this anthology go to the Don Hodge Scholarship Fund.