Jaded – Available April 24th

I’m pleased to announce that in 4 days I will have a new short story available.


Inabwe assassin, Jade, is in charge of the Superstition Operations Command Center to protect the humans from stumbling on the truth of Hell’s Gate.

Her job – to preserve the demon prison hidden deep within the Superstition mountain in the Arizona desert. Her tools – thunder goddess technology, her shapeshifting ability, a thousand years of experience, and an eclectic office crew of leprechaun-sized men made from minerals from deep within the mountain.

So, when a seven-year-old girl breaks into Hell’s Gate the same day the thunder goddess, Taima, arrives for a spot inspection, all hell is ready to break loose. Jade has two hours to get rid of the biggest “little” failure of her life before Taima arrives.

The Superstitions anthology will be available on Amazon on Saturday, April 24th, 2021.